Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PishPosh Baby Mother's Day Giveaway

So I've been all into Mother's Day this year, for obvi reasons, and I could help but think about all of the fun mommy swag that's out there. I remember vowing to myself when I had my first that I would totally keep my vintage-chic, bohemian ( my sister calls me that-- not sure why) style no matter what. And now 3 small wonderful, adorable cute-faced children later, I think I've done pretty well for a twenty something mommy on a budget! ( whew I can only say that for 2 more years. That I'm a twenty-something. Not that I'm on a budget).

Anywho when I came across this super cute Mother's Day giveaway hosted by PishPoshBaby, I was all-- heck yea sister. I knew my readers would get all giddy the same way I did. Oh and did I mention it's to win a PetuniaPickle Bottom diaper bag and blanket. Sheesh I can just feel the organic cotton with all of its wondrous thread count against my face.

Click on the image below to enter! Have fun, and good luck superstars!!!

Mothers Day Giveaway

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