Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Free Cake Bunting Printable via Yellow Bliss Road

Really? Has it been two weeks since my last post. Oh how terrible. I am deeply sorry folks, but I promise to brain dump the irrelevant information that my brain conjures up more often.

So, before this pregnancy (24 weeks and counting) I used to love cake. Like, I would ask before attending party if there will be cake served, and if that was not in the plan-- then I stayed at home. Kidding. That was mean. But, I soon lost my taste  absurd addiction to the taste of cake shortly after this pregnancy so-- ergh!

But I still love an amazing cake topper--and what makes a cake topper even more magical you ask? You probably didn't but I'd like to share anyway-- we'll its when a cake topper is free. Yes!

So my daighter and son are having a combined birthday party this weekend and I searched for uber-cute DIY cake buntings, and found this one. Oh and can you say hell yea to being able to personalize? Means a lot to a mother like me who has 3 children with tribal Igbo names. Not like I can walk into CVS and buy a placard with my kids name on it off the shelf or anything.

Here's what I created for my oldest!

And its super easy to do. After you download the template you literally cut the pieces and fold them over. I used a bakers twine, and I will tie them to bar-b-que skewers to stick in the cake for the party. Stay tuned for the photos of course!!!

And a link to download the free printable at Yellow Bliss Road here, and a few super amazing pics of the cake bunting styled from her blog:

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