Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 Tips for Styling an Entry Way

Oh my readers! I am so excited to announce that I have been asked to contribute to the Thrifttown blog! 
When this post goes live on the blog, I'll share the link with you all so you can check it out.

Anywho!! Let's talk design. Yes! 

For my first Thrifttown blog post, I madeover ( um-- is that like a word?) my very sad and boring entryway with a few amazing TT pieces. 

Oh and a few DIY projects. Yes, as we speak I am covered in paint. Eight months pregnant. You are welcome.

When my husband and I bought our home 2 years ago, I gradually started adding small furniture pieces, and every once in a while, I’d stop by Thrifttown on my way home from work ( I know!) to snag small home d├ęcor items, and because I’m working with a small budget I started working on the small spaces like my bathroom and entry way first.

Here is my Thrifttown and DIY’ed entryway of my home.

I enjoyed the styling so much that I wanted to share 5 tips to help you totally rock your entry way too!

Tip #1: It’s all about evens and odds:

I think the key to styling is all about multiples. Balancing an odd number of items on one side with an even number on the other side is a fun way to switch things up a bit.


Tip #2: When in doubt, paint it.

Everything on my table is from Thrifttown. The lamp I purchased as a brass lamp and I spray painted it white. With a couple coats of cans of white gloss spray paint this thrifted find looks like new.

Here is a close up of the spray painted lamp

With a new lamp shade I ended up only paying a couple of bucks for it!

Tip #3: Textures

I absolutely love mixing outdoor elements with indoor elements. On this table I choose to mix wicker, with the small lines of the brown octagon container and tissue paper hydrangeas. The flowers and wicker both add pops of color and helps bring the outdoor elements in.

Tip #4: Color

Yes—I know, those stripes!  I love adding neutrals to a room, but its more of a challenge for me to add color. For the entry way, I choose terracotta wall paper stripes, hot pink tissue paper flowers ( DIY’ed) and a few elements of gold in the wall art and vase.

Tip #5: Mix masculine with Feminine accessories:

When I moved in with my now husband almost 10 years ago, I dreamed it would be easy for me to decorate our home EXACTLY THE WAY I ENVISIONED IT, but while we were shopping for our place, that dream flew out of the window. I wanted pink and gold and he wanted well— brown! I bought this vintage suit case from Thrifttown for only a few bucks to make sure I incorporated a little manly touch to the entry way

In all, I am so excited that my entry way is complete and I can’t wait to start styling more of my home! Here a few more photos of the space:


1. Console Table: DIY from Salvage woo, old bed frame, spray painted white
2. Wall Art: Thriftown
3. Table Accessories: Thrifttown
4. Wall stripes: Walls Need Love
5. Paper Flowers: DIY using this tutorial
6. Lamp: Thifttown, spray painted high gloss white
7. Lamp Shade: Target
8. Suitcase: Thrifttown 

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