Monday, July 1, 2013

Dollar Store Crafts: Home Decor on the Cheap

Everyone knows that I have this mild obsession ( did I use this term in my last post?) for dollar store crafts. Seriously. It's so bad, I will pass the exit on the highway and start feeling excited. My hands want to exit, but my brain is telling me-- mmm-no?!

Okay so I made Apothecary Jars for my kids birthday using candle sticks and vases-- and I love them! You can see them here. I also made cake stands using dollar store plates and candle sticks. See-- told ya I'm an addict.

A few years ago I came across a blog called Dollar Store Crafts and I was all--- omg! So, I gathered a few super easy crafts to share with all of you lovely people that you can literally create for a few bucks to spruce up any space.

Fishscales Mirror 


Dressed Up Mason Jars


I made these lovely DIY flowers for my mantel using coffee filters (white) and left over tissue paper from my tassel garlands (pink). The tutorial is below!

Coffee Filter Peonies 


DIY Wall Art


I also used dollar store frames, and fee printables for the two wall arts below for my master bedroom and for my kids bedroom.

DIY Apothecary Jars

I used the tutorial here to create my own jars I mentioned earlier.


DIY Cake stands

I glued dollar store candles and glass plates to create the cakestands below using this tutorial.


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