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Master Bedroom Reveal!!!

So in my brain I am doing a tiny little dance for finally finishing my master bedroom. I can't move actually because I am almost 37 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby at this time, so please do the jig for me. Or shimmy. I love the shimmy.

Anywho--without any further ado here is my finished master bedroom. I DIYed, thrifted and shopped for the past 3 months to complete it before the arrival of our baby boy who will be sleeping with us ( yup, we're co-sleepers) for at least the first 15 months of his life. Mkay?. So consider this a nursery / master bedroom. Or a nuster bedroom if you will.

Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the sources and all of the wonderful vendors we worked with for this shoot.

Special thanks to BeddingStyle.comThrifttownHomefromindia.com and Dash and Albert.


1. Rocking Chair: DIY, reupholstered and spray painted: Thriftttown
2. Rug under coffee table: Dash and Albert
3. Blue pulls on dresser and nightstand: Homefromindia.com
4. Jute Tote bag for baby essentials:  Homefromindia.com
5. Bedding: Quilt and Duvet: BeddingStyle.com
6. Tassel Garland: Glam Fete By Bri on Etsy 
7. Throw Pillows on Bed: DIY from old dresses
8. Coffee Table: Roadside Pickup
9. Throw on Rocking Chair: Thrifttown
10. Pillow on Rocking Chair: DIY from an old dress
11. Dresser: Craigslist find, sanded and painted
12. Dark brown sitting chair: Thrifttown, reupholstered with blue and white fabric 
13. Glass bottle vases: DIY from old malt bottles and dipped in paint
14. Paper Flowers: DIY using white and ivory tissue paper
15. Large mirror above dresser: Thrifttown
16. Brass Lamp: Thrifttown
17: White Lamp: DIY-- Spray painted glossy white:Thrifttown

Master Bedroom Progress I and our first GIVEAWAY : $200 Giftcard to BeddingStyle.com

**Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see how you can enter to win a $200.00 gift card to BeddingStyle.com**

I know. I know. Master bedrooms are supposed to be all master, but my bedroom has looked like a draft design of a creepy hotel for over a year now. I mean, every company is changing their image nowadays. Like, really. JC Penny's is now cool. And they are JCP--by the way I went into JCP the other day and it was pretty fancy. I was shocked. Anywho-- let's talk my bedroom. 

So, here's the before shot of our master bedroom. Yes, I know...it's alot to look at.

Whew that bed looks gross. I sleep it in a night, and I cant see how ug it is when it's dark!

Here is a peek at my master bedroom progress-- which by the way has a timeline set for the end of the summer. With 3 children and a full time job-- I mean, hey... it'll happen.

My theme for this room will be eclectic trendy pieces with a little french country (love the shape of my dresser and coffee table). I sometimes go safari and I am not sure why. Like maybe it's because I am married to a Nigerian-- not sure, but I go crazy over a tribal print or a wicker basket. Or the headpiece of a Senegalese chief-- which by the way I saw randomly hanging over a babies crib on like Apartment Therapy and my husband immediately shrieked and explained how headpieces are used in Africa for everything from rituals to traditional ceremonies ( good and bad!) (Yikes)

And back to the room. Boom!

My master bedroom has no lighting so I created this faux lighting pom pom with mylar. You can also purchase this pom pom in my Etsy shop!! Same for the tassel garland over the bed! 

I got my bedding design from BeddingStyle.com and I fell in LOVE with it when I saw it in person!!!! Gah! And it's super soft. Here's a link to the bedding design here!

Are you folks ready for NNM's first ever give-a-way? Ha! you'll love your bedding from this site!!

Mkay! So here's how to enter:

1. Subscribe to their super cute newsletter here
2. Comment below and tell me you'd like to enter. Don't forget to post your twitter handle too!

On April 27 I will pull a random winner from the comments below to win a snazzy $200.00 giftcard to BeddingStyle.com! I'll make the announcement in a second post on 4/29-- so stay tuned! 

Good luck beautiful people!!!

Oh and check out this coupon code to BeddingStyle.com, just for being an amazing reader!

Spring SALE 20% OFF: http://beddingstyle.com/
Use Code: take20 until April 23rd

Eclectic Kids Room Tour: Shared Space

Well hello all of my darling little friends! I miss you all so very much. I can't believe its 2013. It's odd to me that I started this blog just one short year ago, and how much it's grown so quickly. Thanks all for reading!

For 2013, I told myself-- not a resolution, 'cause I don't really set myself up for those kind of things, but I told myself that I would commit to becoming more organized. Oh, and patient. Yes, that's it.

So when I planned to redo my kids bedrooms I thought about clever ways to make their bedroom gender neutral-- but I still wanted my little diva to have her glam and I wanted my Batman to have his "manly" flava in the room. Here's a new room, for a new year for 2 of my 3 precious children! My youngest is still co-sleeping and nursing, but she'll have her space in here soon!

Woot woot!

Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper
I got this amazing rug online from rugsusa.com: Momeni Lil Mo Whimsy LMJ 10 Sky Rug

Here's a close up of my adorable Rugs USA area rug here! I love the colors!!!!

Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper

Then I came across this super adorable monogram free printable via For Chic Sake. You can download the template here and totally customize it with your kids initials. Adore? Yes.
Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper

Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper

I made tassels for my little diva and Batman. I just sold the pink one shown below, but I have plenty more via my Etsy store here. Oh and they're only 8 bucks. Yup. $8.

Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper

 I'm thinking about adding a little more blue to my sons tassel on the left and then adding it to my Etsy store next weekend. Fun?! Yes, I'd like to think so.

Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper

And.. my DIY bird mobile. I had to handstitch the birds using this pattern via Lavender's Blue Designs here! Oh and to add insult to the injury my husband had to teach me how to handstitch. Ha! He's amazing.

Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper

And Maybe*MeJ shared this free printable. Snag your own here!

Eclectic DIY and thrifted kids room with tassel garland made with tissue paper

I just giggled. So, that flower vase is actually a reused can of yams. Yes-- candied yams. It's been washed of course, but when my kids saw the vase they picked it up and kept yelling that the flowers smelled so yummy. I informed them the flowers were fake, and the "yummy" smell was in their head. I then realized that it was quite possible they were actually smelling the remnants from the candied yams. Ahh-- good times. 

 So what do you think of the room? I'd like to eventually replace the existing nightstand with a smaller, kid-size nitestand, as the room's proportion are a bit off with that giant mass of furniture in between my kid's bed.

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Valentine's Day Mantel Reveal

So I started secretly pinning-- not on a secret board or anything, but I didn't share with everyone that I had started pinning, 'cause I started it around Christmas. Yup. I was all... hmm Christmas? Valentine's Day? Yes, and please.

Here's my VDay mantel. Oh and with special styling help from my mom-- aka my apprentice, featuring my DIY wall art made from my wall decals via Walls Need Love.

So for my wall art-- I covered an old picture from with these:

I cut the circles out and folded them in half to create hearts. I then layered them on the frame--starting at the bottom, and tiling them almost like a roof. 'Cause ya' know I always tile roofs.

So here's the finished product.

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland--GlamFeteByBri on Etsy
Ceramic Hearts-- Dollar Tree
Glitter Hearts-- Dollar TreePicture Frame: Thrifted
Gold and Tan hearts: Wall Decals via Walls Need Love

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